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The internet of the future

The backbone of Geneva Broadband's internet service is a fiber optic network that runs through Geneva. Fiber optics can bring you faster internet than a phone line or coaxial cable, making our in-town service the most advanced network available.

Rural internet service

Geneva Broadband also offers internet service to customers who live outside of city limits. Our wireless access points are located in Geneva, Grafton, Burress, Ohiowa, Strang, and Shickley. Many of our rural customers can run at 20Mbps - imagine streaming 4K movies 7 miles outside of town.

"It just works."

— Geneva Broadband customer

Local people, global reach

We know that getting technology to work isn't always easy, so we are dedicated to getting you an internet service that's pain-free. You don't need to spend hours on the phone with customer support. We're your local option to connect to global internet.